Alaniz is a self-taught street art painter from Argentina specialized in street art and muralism.

Starting with paste-ups as his first street interventions in 2011 in Berlin, Germany, where he lived and created for 7 years.

Just a couple of years after, he adapted muralism as his primary form of expression. With the use of rollers and extension poles as his unique tools for creation, Alaniz has created a recognizable style within the urban art community, hosting solo and group exhibitions and participating in various festivals around the world.

Since 2015, Alaniz has been continuously traveling through numerous places, and his works and street interventions can still be seen in multiple cities such as Paris, Madrid, London, Berlin, and in countries like Mexico, Colombia and India.

His work portrays the inhabitants of the places that he visits; his search is ignited by his hope and belief in finding the similarities among different nations, and through this, we can find a solution to problems that affect each country equally.

Selected Festivals 

•“Wash Festival/Viva con Agua”  Hamburg 2011

•“Silence is a Lie”  Berlin 2012

•“Artches festival” Amsterdam 2012

•”Ibug Festival” Chemnitz 2013/ Crimmischau 2014 

•“Artches second edition” Amsterdam 2013

•”Street Art City” Lurch Levis-France 2016

•“Street art museum Amsterdam” Amsterdam 2016

•“Parcours/urban art second edition” Boulugne Sur Mer 2017

•“Memorie Urbane” Terracina, Italy 2017

•“25th of November by Memorie Urbane” Italy 2017

•“Muros de la Memoria” Bogotá, Colombia 2017

•“F.A.T. Mural Festival” Tulum, Mexico 2018

•“Poste Italiana” Calitri, Italy 2019

•“St+Art India” Patna, India 2019

Selected Exhibitions

•”La calle es un espejo” Open Walls Gallery- Berlin Solo show 2015

•”Millerntor Gallery” Sankt Pauli Stadium Hamburg Group show 2016

•”Distorted Reality” 1965 Gallery Space-London Solo show 2016